Feedback Based Learning

Engage and retain clients by giving them feedback after a session. Accelerate their learning process so they keep coming back for more.

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How Mbele works

1. Create Profile

Sign up and configure your business page.

2. Share your link

Share your profile link with your audience. Your clients can ask you questions through unique links we send to them after each session.

3. Respond to your audience

Respond with a video recording, audio snippet or through chat. Respond via the web or the Mbele mobile app for greater flexibility when you are on the go.

Why use Mbele?

For short responses

When what your audience needs to learn can be explained in a 2 - 3 minute response, such as follow-up questions after a lesson or appointment.

Cheaper alternative

When a 30 min - 60 min session is too expensive but your audience still wants to continue learning. Your audience will ask questions specifically on what they don't know.

Fast response

When your audience wants to get a quick response from you but you don't have time to book a long session. Send a response as easy as an Instagram or WhatsApp message.

Mbele Integrations

Mbele integrations will help your clients get the most out of your sessions and boost their learning and engagement.

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Additionally you also get the following

Online payments

We support payments in all currencies using Stripe or PayPal.

Video recordings

Store your recordings in your google drive or dropbox to review client progress.

Embedded Page

Embed your page directly onto your business website to make it easier for your client to find their instructor.

Private Messaging

Secure DMs right on the platform, all in one place.

Professional support

Our team will help you set up your account, and become successful.